Bringing great ideas to life with a positive attitude

Advertising agency Urmas Oy will design packagings, brochures, catalogues, magazines, visual refreshes or campaigns—anything you need. 


My innovative ideas, graphic design know-how and good people skills are my strong suits. I understand that an important aspect of serving a customer is being up for the challenge they offer. How can I do my best to help us reach our common goals?


I’m easy to reach and I always have a direct connection to my clients. This has always made cooperation easy for both me and my clients. I have vast experience and a lot of practical know-how, which are qualities that can produce quick results. I’ve also completed a basic training in package design. 


My experience also gives me the ability to listen to and value my client’s views and opinions. 


Understanding my client, respecting time and budget estimates and being transparent throughout the process give a good basis for cooperation and great ideas. I also do freelancing gigs from time to time. 


Let’s get started!


Eero Urmas

Art Director